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Cheapest Talk allows you to connect with your friends and family anywhere in the world. With our competitive rates you can now call to countries like Bangladesh, Pakistan, or any other countries at the lowest cost. Cheapest Talk prides itself on the quality and clarity of the calls. We have the utmost priority in ensuring your calls to your loved ones are uninterrupted and connected with crystal clear sound, leaving you and your dear ones with a peace of mind. We have a team of expert technicians eager to help with any of your needs. Therefore with Cheapest Talk you can enjoy great quality in calls, at the cheapest rates, all with the friendly service from our qualified team.

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Bangladesh 2.50p USA 0.5p
Pakistan 6.0p Nigeria 6.0p
India 1.0p France 1.0p
Sri-Lanka 9.5p Canada 1.0p
Nepal 7.0p Saudi Arabia 9.9p